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While it may seem like familiar ground initially, Gears of War 4 is actually a game of many firsts - it's the first project from The Coalition - the Gears focused studio formerly known as Black Tusk - the first big AAA console game powered by Unreal Engine 4, and the first Gears title released day and date on both Xbox One and PC.

Gears of War is certainly an important franchise for the Xbox platform and it has quite the heritage on the technology side of things.

When it approaches you notice, that it will grab your Reaver with its tentacles. When the hydra outruns you be ready to shoot it from the cannon. The monster's resistance depends on the difficulty level.

Download english title update 3 (6MB) Download french title update 3 (6MB) Download german title update 3 (6MB) Download italian title update 3 (6MB) Download spanish title update 3 (6MB) Download polish title update 3 (1MB) Download russian title update 3 (1MB) Download hungarian title update 3 (1MB) Download czech title update 3 (1MB) Download chinese title update 3 (6MB) Download japanese title update 3 (6MB) List of changes in this patch Download czech patch 1.2 (10MB)Download hungarian patch 1.2 (10MB)Download polish patch 1.2 (10MB)Download and use this patch if you haven't previously patched your czech,hungarian or polish copy of Gears of War with any Title Update.

Once you land, protect the Coalition soldiers by shooting the Locust. When the Hydra will fire missiles at you, remember to avoid them with the left stick.

Fight off the enemies while Cole looks for an exit. In the last phase of the flight you have to defeat the Hydra.

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At the end of a round of Submission, press Y to view the game's stats. To achieve one of the more bizarre feats in the Gears of War saga, you first need to make sure you're set on Insane Difficulty.

With most urban centers and military installations rubble, survivors gathered on Jacinto Plateau, whose solid granite strata could not be easily penetrated.

When the Horde breached the plateau's defenses, Marcus Fenix defied orders to save his father at East Barricade Academy - but he was too late.

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In development since 2014, Gears of War 4 marks the triumphant return of the chainsaw-wielding franchise.

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Charged with dereliction of duty, he has been sentenced to 40 years in Jacinto Maximum Security Penitentiary...