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Super dating awesome site zomg

(If you want to play around with the release candidate, follow these instructions.) Sass Script Maps are just one of the many new features coming in Sass 3.3.

I'm pretty excited for the official release and hope that you've found this quick peak at Maps helpful!

You have a list of things, you can loop over those things, you can access one of the things by index, etc. Maps are associations of values with a syntax that very closely resembles JSON. When a user hovers over a link, I'd like to swap out that link's background color with a network-specific color.

To write all of that CSS by hand would be dreadfully tedious (and $profiles: ( bandcamp: #4e9bac, delicious: #248cff, facebook: #3b5998, ficly: #b51c2c, flickr: #0063db, github: #4183c4, googleplus: #dd4b39, instagram: #517fa4, kickstarter: #76cc1e, lanyrd: #152e51, lastfm: #d51007, linkedin: #007bb6, photodrop: #cdb6e3, pinterest: #cb2027, rdio: #0088da, soundcloud: #f60, twitter: #00aced, vimeo: #aad450, youtube: #b00 ); Since Sass 3.3 isn't yet officially available, I can't show you a working Code Pen example of this code, but you can check out my personal site which proudly displays my presence on a variety of social networks.

NET app is fine, MVC or Web Forms or Web Pages, doesn't matter. NET app (and MVC apps) by adding trace listeners to your web.config: When my app is in Azure, I can get to the tracing info as well. I can just copy paste the URL into Explorer itself, then enter my deployment credentials.

I did a Publish directly from VS in this case, just right click, Publish and Import the Publish Profile that you download from the portal. You likely know that you can enable tracing locally with in your ASP.

The defaults are to split log files at 128k and keep your app logs under 1MB and the whole logs folder under 30MB. azure site log tail loggingtestinfo: Executing command site log tail2013-04-05T Welcome, you are now connected to log-streaming service.2013-04-05T PID[1992] Information Start Request - 0 ms from beginning of request.

If you need more, you can override some advanced settings directly in the portal. Now, I visit the Trace tab and the Trace from earlier is there. How do I get this timeline view information routed to Tracing? Took 0 ms to execute.2013-04-05T PID[1992] Information Authorization - Home: Index - 224 ms from beginning of request.

— Sweeney: The chapter begins with more ZOMG IS GSP GONNA KILL STALKER BOYFRIEND? Actually, it was because there was no in-post proof of the event cards that made me decide to close instead of merge. I might get Aries from there as well if I'm not getting Black. Since this ist a WWE Card Game, the Card were blackened i suspected a really Special Card of some WWE Big Superstar like Kurt Angle! This maybe a nice Card for People who watch Wrestling outside WWE,! No offense against him or his Fans,but they try to sell him as Special WHICH he is Not at this Point in Time!!If you feel that this question can be improved and possibly reopened, visit the help center for guidance. I tend to write compact code myself, sometimes I have commits where I just removed/optimized a large piece of code and simplified it.My purpose is just curiosity in how the repository develops/grows over time.

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